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My son loves his karate classes he has learnt so much in the 2 years he has been with CHKA and really built his confidence. James and Rob are excellent teachers and great with the kids - the dedication and support they have shown the kids during lockdown is fantastic. The club is friendly and feels like a family with great role models for the children. Cannot recommend enough. Thank you Rob and James 

Farrugia Family - 20th August 2020

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My family have trained with CHKA for 5 years. It's a fantastic club, James and Rob are excellent teachers, brilliant with kids and adults alike, so it's a great way to get fit together. The club has a friendly family atmosphere where everyone is welcome and supported to learn and to compete if they want to. James and Rob and their young instructors really went out of their way to keep everyone learning and improving through lockdown. Highly recommended! 

Gavin Aiken - 17th August 2020

My son loves being a part of Chka karate club. He loves doing karate and all the teachers are great with kids. Highly recommndet!

Raminta - 17th August 2020

My two children (6 & 9) absolutely love their karate classes. Rob and James have a great way with the kids and this has been the one key activity that has kept my two sane through lockdown. Their dedication to the children is fantastic, which is reciprocated in the respect shown by them in the classes. I can not recommend this club enough. Thanks a million guys. 

Jo Taylor - 15th August 2020

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Tobias has been attending CHKA for one year now. He has come on leaps and bounds within his confidence and listening and attention skills. The Teachers at CHKA are Amazing. They have a really good relationship with the children. Tobias has really developed his skills in the last few months during this awful pandemic and that is because all of the Teachers at CHKA continued the classes through zoom so that the children could continue to have something positive to focus on and didn't miss out in something they love. Thank you to everyone at CHKA for your dedication and hard work with the children.
Love From Sarah and Tobias xx 

Sarah Heaton - 14th August 2020

Harry has been with chka for 8 years and he absolutely loves. We like being part of the chka family and helping out where needed 

Louise Russell - 14th August 2020

Jessica has been attending CHKA classes for over 2 and a half years from the age of 5 and loves it. At first she was nervous and unsure but both James and Rob were great at making her feel at ease and welcomed her in to their karate family. The Sensei’s dedication to their students has rubbed off on the class and you can see the commitment each student has to succeed and progress. I can-not recommend the club enough. 

Darren Hampton - 13th August 2020

CHKA have been a big part of our lives for almost 6 years now, Alfie and Bethany  absolutely love karate and our club! Our sensei’s are fantastic, encouraging and a lot of fun. Over the years I’ve seen so many kids who begin shy absolutely flourish in confidence after a short few weeks. My children compete at competitions and love the buzz and the excitement. It keeps them focused, fit and they have made so many lovely friends. Highly recommend CHKA 🥇


Kaye Waites - 12th August 2020

Everyone at CHKA go above and beyond just teaching. While being very professional they are so genuine, friendly and helpful. Would totally recommend joining. 

Buffy Palmer - 12th August 2020

My 5year old daughter has attended karate zoom sessions this summer and  feeling very confident and focused with a positive change in her personality..will definitely continue to benefit from
CHKA in the future.

Naila - 12th August 2020

What can I say but thank you CHKA. I have update wifi as zoom was very hit & miss. I can operate a eye pad (joke) Not forgetting on line banking & workIng my way around a website.  Brilliant, clear, precise & excellent IT instructions.
Karate’s not bad either ha ha

Karren Janata -11th August 2020

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