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Membership, Pricing and How to Join CHKA:

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We believe in informing you of all the costs within your child’s tuition from day one so there are no hidden costs along the way. CHKA membership fees are paid via standing order and are shown below.


CHKA Joining Fee of £49 provides:

  • Remaining calendar month training free

  • First Uniform

  • Club Badge

  • First Years Licence and Insurance Booklet (£25 a year thereafter)

  • Membership to Club and Association IKC

This is to be paid after your 2 weeks free trial with the instructor of your class.

The form is to be filled in online at on the 'Become a Member' page or see instructor for a paper copy. 


Monthly Tuition Costs:

Bronze Membership = £25 per calendar month
One Karate Session per Week over a 48 week year (£6.25 per session)

Silver Membership (all purple white belts and above will be on membership) = £35 per calendar month
Two Karate Sessions per Week over a 48 week year (£4.38 per session)

Gold Membership = £45 per calendar month
Unlimited Karate Sessions each week over a 48 week year (Maximum cost of a session £3.75)

Black Belt Membership = Please speak to an instructor when you attain this achievement

Important Information:
Please note the following – CHKA membership payments are divided up to 12 equal monthly payments. Karate classes will take place for 48 weeks of the year, with 2 weeks off over the Summer holidays and 2 weeks off over the Christmas period. (These weeks off have already been filtered into your monthly payments)

School Holidays/Hall Cancellations/Cancellations Beyond our Control: Lessons will be run on a zoom timetable released in advance.

Immediate Family Discount: 3 for 2, Cheapest member free. Must be Parents and children and not other family members.


Cancellation: After giving one month's notice in writing, it is your responsibility to cancel your own standing order. If you cancel standing order you will have to pay a re-joining fee if you wish to return of £49.

Missed Classes: Classes that are not attended during a month do NOT roll over into the following month. In addition, if a class is missed in one week, the class does NOT carry over to the following week.

Annotation 2020-07-09 113601.png
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